Amex extra december Uber Credits

Amex Issuing Extra December Uber Credit for Platinum/Gold Cardholders

American Express has been issuing additional Uber credits from some Platinum and Gold cardholders today and yesterday.

As you know, the Amex Platinum Card gets $200 in Uber credits. That’s $15 every month and then $35 in December. The Amex Gold Card gets $10 every month.

But besides the December credits that I received in the beginning of the month, last night and this morning I also received another set of $10 and $35 credits from my Platinum and Gold cards.

I assumed that American Express was just being generous with extra credits, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Some of these credits have already been revoked, but not all. I expect the rest to be revoked as well.

Grinchy move!

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