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I get emails all the time with readers sending in questions or deals. You are always welcome to email me at [email protected] and try to do my best to answer to everyone. But other readers might also have insight on some of these questions, or some topics are more appropriate for discussions.

So I thought I’d create this article where all readers can share deals or information they want to see published on the site. This could be useful for other readers to also see some smaller deals that might not be worth publishing. You can also ask any general questions you might have, that are not related to any other article. Discussion is encouraged, but please let’s keep it polite.

So please go ahead and:

  • Share deals (new credit card bonuses, bank bonuses, travel deals, delivery app discount codes and more)
  • Suggest topics, cards, apps, programs, or anything else that you want to see covered on the site
  • Make suggestions about the site
  • Start a discussion
  • Ask for help
  • Answer or try to help others who have questions

You participation is always greatly appreciated. And as always, thank you for reading the site and the best way to help it grow, is to share it with friend and family.

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