Kotak Privy League Signature Credit Card

We at Cardexpert don’t usually prefer Kotak credit cards in the past because of its very low reward rate but it appears that the things are changing a bit lately so I decided to explore Kotak credit cards finally.

Here’s a quick review of the Kotak Privy League Signature credit card, the card that’s issued to Kotak’s premium banking customers.


Joining Fee Nil
Annual Fee Nil

The card is free for the Kotak Privy League Customers, Prima (2L balance) & above. It also comes as a paid version (renewal fee applicable) but its not worthy to pay in my opinion.


With the Privy League branding on the card, the design looks quite elegant without a doubt. It actually looks better in reality than on picture. Here’s a quick look,

Kotak Privy League Credit Card


Ongoing Rewards

Accelerated Rewards (5X) 1.25%
Regular Rewards (2X) 0.50%
  • RP value = 0.25 INR
  • Accelerated Rewards Plan: You can choose either shopper’s (or) traveller’s plan
  • Shopper’s plan includes spends done on: apparels, jewelry, consumer durable, restaurants, departmental stores
  • Traveller’s Plan includes spends done on: airlines, hotels, restaurants, international spends and travel agencies

Milestone Rewards

4,00,000 INR 10,000 Points 2,500 INR 0.64%
8,00,000 INR 30,000 Points 7,500 INR 0.94%
  • You’ll be eligible for either one, not both.

So if you manage to spend 8L under accelerated rewards, you would end up getting reward rate as good as ~2.2% which is as good as HDFC Regalia.

But that’s quite tough to attain because you can’t always spend under accelerated rewards at that spend range.

Hence, if you spend 8L in non accelerated category, you would end up with 1.44% reward rate, which is poor for a premium card.

Quarterly Rewards

  • 6400 Reward Points every Quarter (Value: 1600 INR)
  • Requirement: Spend Rs.1000 every month

This benefit is a recent change during the pandemic, otherwise you would get 4 PVR tickets, each 400 INR.

This is the main attractive benefit of this card lately as the returns on spend is pretty generous.

This benefit however maybe short-lived, as they may switch to PVR tickets in sometime, which will anyway be good as well if you’re into PVR.

Note: This benefit maybe eligible only for paid versions.

Lounge Access

  • Domestic: 2/qtr (via Visa signature)
  • International: Nil (4/yr for paid versions via Priority Pass)

They could have given Priority pass for free cards as well, as anyway they have the banking relationship with them. But well, as of now PP complimentary access is not available with free variant, but you can still get the PP membership.


You get an outstanding value of Rs.6400 every year just by spending Rs.1000 every month. That’s the primary reason for anyone to have this card, apart from Kotak Merchant offers and other benefits.

Ideally the Kotak Privy League Signature credit card is good for anyone who’s new to Kotak and wishes to explore their premium credit cards.

Given that Kotak is gaining some traction with the new launches like the Indigo credit card, I wish Kotak soon comes up with a nice super premium credit card. The white card is not that great for various reasons which we will talk sometime soon.

Do you have Kotak privy League Signature credit card? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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