Spending Offer for Chase United MileagePlus Cardholders

If you have a Chase United credit card, check out the link below for a possible spending offer for the next three months. One bonus that we have seen is for an additional 1,500 points which is not huge. But different accounts could see different offers. It’s also possible that you are not targeted for a spending offer at all.


  • Earn up to 1,500 bonus miles with your Chase United MileagePlus card. Earn 250 bonus miles when you make at least 3 purchases while spending $50 or more, each month in February, March, and April. Earn an additional 750 bonus miles if you reach the goal in all three months. Need to register by February 28, 2022.


Be sure to use the last four digits of the credit card that is displayed in the email you received to register for this promotion. After you register for this promotion, you will receive an email confirming your enrollment in this promotion to the email address in your MileagePlus profile.

Guru’s Wrap-up

Bonus miles are always nice. This offer requires spending $50 each month, for the next three months. You will end up with 1,500 bonus miles on top of the miles that you already earn with your Chase United MileagePlus card.

Let me know if you get any different offers.

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