Spending Bonus for JetBlue Cardholders

Spending Bonus for JetBlue Cardholders, 5X at Restaurant and Grocery Stores

Barclays has sent out new spending offers for the next three months to some JetBlue cardholders. These offers are targeted, and often vary from one account to the other. The offer that I received is for an extra 3,000 points at grocery stores, drug stores and restaurants. Check out the details below.


Use your JetBlue Plus Card to earn an additional 3X points for every $1 spent on grocery store, drug store and restaurant purchases, up to 3,000 points each month from 8/31/21 to 11/30/21.

Guru’s Wrap-up

If you are targeted for this offer, you can earn additional points at grocery stores, drug stores and restaurants. That gives you a total of 5X points at restaurant and grocery stores, and 4X points at drug stores. That’s for every month for the first $1,000 of combined spending on all three categories.

Did you receive this offer, or a different version? Let me know!

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