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TopCashback, Earn 10% Cash Back on Saks Purchases Today

Shopping portals can save you money on every purchase you make online and even in stores. TopCashback is one of the better known shopping portals out there. You can read my review here, and also earn a $25 bonus when you sign up now.

Now TopCashback is offering an increased cash back rate for Saks Fifth Avenue. You can get 10% cash back on all purchases.

This is a good opportunity for Amex Platinum cardholders to use their $50 credit for Saks Fifth Avenue purchases. This is a credit that can be used once  every six months. So if you make a $50 purchase at Saks Fifth Avenue with your Amex Platinum card, you will get $50 back from Amex and another $5 from TopCashback.

Check out all items under $50 for Men and Women.

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